The firm

LKPU Consulting is an independent, owner-managed consulting firm. Management consulting, the management of complex and critical projects, and senior professional consulting are our specialties.

Our values are: professionalism, integrity, performance and creativity. They give our work a clear framework. With roots in the financial industry, we also advise corporates and medium-sized businesses in industry, commerce, and the media. We assume project responsibility; the competence of our consultants fits precisely to the respective needs. The LKPU partners are part of the project teams. At LKPU there are no presumptions or hidden agendas, we work transparently and result-oriented. For LKPU there is only one way to success: your success.

Our values

What we believe

Since its foundation, LKPU is characterized by steadfast values, that guide us in our collective orientation and commitment. Our self-concept and individual corporate style are reflected therein. Our values ​​are our USP with integrity at its core foundation.


Challenge and support

We are known to be considerate and decisive, in accordance with our core values ​​and professional respect. Our integrity reinforces our reliability, and that is the basis of our performance, for our customers, our team and our partners.


Effective together

In our projects, we work with other professional entities, for research, legal and tax consulting, software development, executive search, event management, mediation and coaching. Our trusted relationships also benefit our customers.


Frankfurt & Munich

We are based in Frankfurt and Munich and accomplish your project goals either at home or abroad. We operate both in the background and in the front row, with the required cultural sensitivity you expect. For your success, no road is too rocky or too far.


Inspiration anyone?

Inspirational material, both personally and professionally, can be found in our Blog. It is a curated collection of good reads, presents and memorabilia that impressed us enough to share with you.


Results and personality

Those who work with LKPU know 1. We achieve the agreed results, with quick determination. 2. We are always critical and respectful. Individual strength and outstanding personality are the traits that make this possible.

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