Co-operation - Experience - Trust

What does partnership mean to you? For us, partnerships are a sign of trust, continuity and versatility. They also mean respect for professionalism and entrepreneurial action to achieve the goals. Once we see that a specialist can do the best job for you, we recommend and get you in touch.

Executive Search

Best match – early on

During the project results new requirements are identified that should be covered by employees to generate in-house know-how. The project work ends, the line work begins. Tamino Partners is accurate and quick in finding experts for permanent positions. First contact is Ansgar Dierkes.

Legal Advisory

Mail order law at its best

Law firm Wienke & Becker Köln is our specialised partner for legal solutions in mail order and e-commerce. And refreshingly pragmatic, understandable and direct – unlike global companies. First contact is Rolf Becker.

Payroll Consulting

Unmatched payroll know-how

Highly specialised payroll experts at Bruckhaus Payroll Consulting know how to choose, install, calibrate, integrate and run payroll software. According to your requirements and across national borders. First contact is Claudia Bruckhaus.

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