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Tough choices and great opportunities

Financial service providers are facing major challenges. The long-amortized architecture for the existing business needs to be much more efficient. The regulatory pressure has to be managed. The business model has to be changed: Specialized and industrialized – or profitable in unfamiliar territory.

LKPU works on these challenges with leading financial institutions in the following areas:

  • Payments (Mobile Payments, Credit and Debit Card)
  • Retail Banking
  • Private Banking and Wealth Management
  • Corporate Banking and Capital Markets
  • Transaction banking and payment services
  • Asset Management
  • Risk, liquidity and capital management
  • Stock exchanges and financial market infrastructure

Specialized support for fast results

LKPU is highly experienced in the financial services industry. In order to meet the challenges and to identify and seize opportunities, LKPU uses cross-industry experience, methods and know-how.

  • Augmented Consulting
  • Tool-based contract / SLA creation with FAST CONTRACT®
  • Operational & Organizational Excellence with FIRM GROUND®
  • KPI-based Performance Improvement
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Loyalty and Behavioral Analytics
  • Vendor Management