How do you know if your operations work efficiently?

In-house strategy consultants announce that with 60% of your current staff, the work can be done. Peer group benchmarks confirm this. That might be true, but what happens when heads roll? Will the results be delivered? And which processes are covered by which employee? Can business-critical processes still be supported? What are the risks?
Vice versa: How much potential would you release if it’s done? Would it be worthwhile? Would “existing” be more efficient? Would the extra go to waste? Employees make the company competitive.

Know the effects and make the decisions

In many organizations, structural and process systems are not consistently implemented, and certainly not inter-connected. The simple, up-to-date view of the structure is often missing. Meaning; managers are in the dark when it comes to planning capacity, risk and performance. Do you manage professionally? Have you implemented the success factors?



integrates the view of organizational structure and process. Managers thus have a continuous view of the dynamics of core processes and the IT used. Management reporting, on efficiency and risks in the organization, is the ideal tool for controlling capacity planning and transformation.

Doing good better

+ Defined responsibilities, interfaces and results – fewer errors with one execution
+ Employees know what needs doing by whom – even during absences
+ Organizational development, based on a simple tool with business perspective

Working towards goals

+ The unnecessary is identified and stopped – so time is freed up for better initiatives.
+ Capacity planning and control based on current figures, data and facts – available anytime.
+ Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Monitoring

Turn risk into opportunity

+ Stay ahead of the competition with role-based employee recruitment and development
+ Motivate employees with clear understanding of roles
+ Valuable input for the development of competitiveness


Transparency, clarity, completeness and freedom from redundancy - a clear competitive long-term advantage.


Loose ends in processes and IT, jobs and employees, destroy values. With our Entity Relationship Model, we connect what belongs together.


We bring the tool, initialize it and give you an easy way to control your organization continuously. Wherever you want.

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