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Who can expect is better off!

Industry and Trade no longer have to prove that they best understand their business. To excel as market leaders, operational changes in IT and processes are required to perform on the same level. And just that is assured by LKPU. With real experts.

  • Plant construction
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Technical trade
  • Sports Equipment

Seize real opportunities with professional support

Mandating us has proven to be a positive business case for the following topics, as we achieve much quickly:

  • Introduction of agile methods incl. Product Management
  • E-commerce B2B and B2C and marketplaces
  • Integration of payment services
  • Implementing debit management
  • Selection and integration of credit bureaus and collection agencies
  • Scorecard-based risk management incl. Software selection and implementation
  • Selection and management of vendors