Dirk Dreischke PARTNER


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Experts for cross functions and back office

Top media companies set trends, many incumbents are still in the orientation phase. It is clear that these companies best understand their core business. For excelling business, however, quick and pragmatic changes in IT and processes are required to complement cutting edge . And just that supports LKPU.

  • Cross-cutting processes
  • Finance
  • Organization
  • Human Capital Management

You call the show, we support behind the scenes

For the following topics we have already proven that our contribution pays off because we quickly achieve much:

  • Introduction of agile methods incl. Product Management
  • Integration of payment services
  • Conversions to better suited applications and migration
  • Selection of applications, services and provider
  • Implementation of tendering procedures and negotiations
  • IT implementation, consolidation and integration
  • Optimization of operations
  • Vendor management