Who identifies and evaluates your chances? Who prepares the best route towards your goals and required decisions?

Your important decisions should be the best decisions you make – the decisions as well as the name of the decision maker. In daily business there is little room for the required focus and expertise. That’s why we provide you with all required services within the decision making process – rational and comprehensively prepared for your decision making process.

This is what we do:

  • Content and strategic analysis
  • Preparation of relevant scenarios
  • Evaluation of options
  • Preparation of decision-memo and creation of the framework for anticipatory decisions with FIRM GROUND®

Project “Secure strategic market leadership”

A global leader thinks about the restructuring of its software and services portfolio. LKPU is mandated with the analysis, assessment and preparation of specific options for action. As a result the basis of decision for a new business model is ready.

  • LKPU Consultants: 3
  • Team: 12 people
  • Skills: Analysis, Courses of action, Evaluation, Decision making, Senior management communication
  •  Duration: 2 months

Contact Person

Jan Koppetsch, Frankfurt
+49 (0)69 153225-10


Your project is not under control? Transparency is lacking, the team no longer works in one direction?

If your project is deep red and all signs point to failure, we come immediately with the right team for immediate action, as a partner at management and operational level. Based on our experience we kick off simultaneously at all levels under given conditions within the rescue process – control and provide transparency at any time.

Your goal justifies our approach.

  • Risk and problem analysis
  • Immediate measures for operational and organizational structures incl. Vendors
  • Policy options and decisions
  • Operational project management and support with key functions

Project “Payroll”

Within a German television company, the change of a payroll system was on hazard after the last license renewal which included the payroll for 14.000 employees. LKPU managed to achieve important decisions at management level, bring back the team spirit and management capabilities – with a pragmatic and fast approach. The core functions of the system went live on time – and the roadmap for necessary rework were on the table.

  • LKPU Consultants: 5
  • Team: 70 people
  • Skills: Crisis management, Project management, Vendor management, Requirements and Test management
  • Vendors: 4

Contact Person

Jan Koppetsch, Frankfurt
+49 (0)69 153225-10

You want to lead mission-critical projects with certainty to the finish line? With content oriented overview for qualified decisions?

Is your projects of particular importance and even urgency? And the pre-conditions are not the best? You know that it be a show of strength and all eyes are on you? We are used to this kind of situation. We will help you to make the important things right and bring your projects to the finish line in situations like this. We consider the POV of all key stakeholders and adjust our approach accordingly.

We manage challenges with calm but firm hand.

  • Planning, budgeting and filling important roles
  • Setup organizational and operational structure – supported by FIRM GROUND®
  • Control via transparency and pragmatic tools used
  • Reviews & Turn-Arounds

Project “Mass Migration just before Sunset”

For the market-leading provider of a Payroll software switching off the platform was clear at the end. After an extension for one year there were still 1.000 customers to be migrated 8 months before sunset. A serious dispute with a major external Migrateur escalated to a crisis. LKPU was mandated with the program management and led the migration to an end.

  • LKPU Consultants: 4
  • Team: 50 people
  • Skills: Program management, Vendor management
  • Vendors: 6

Contact Person

Abtin Maghrour, Munich
+49 (0)69 153225-10

We focus on customers, partners and employees in their realignment and plan and manage their implementation.

Which overarching goal is pursued with the integration? Should employees and services be taken over? Which? Which target-architecture for IT and processes is defined and how can it be implemented? Transactions often require a variety of considerations, analysis and decisions, so that the goals can be achieved quickly and in the best possible way. Use our international experience to make it happen.

Successful = Fast

  • Recognizing options & making decisions with the help of FIRM GROUND®
  • Ring fencing, Operating Carve Out & Integration
  • Transition Management incl. Service & License Agreements
  • De & Pre-merger implementation

Project “New retail bank by rapid acquisitions”

A global universal bank wants to expand strongly in Germany and Europe. Three objectives are taken at short intervals. LKPU accompanied the purchase with a focus on IT and process decisions, operational integration and reconciliation agreements. And drives, and then supports the integration within key positions. The acquisitions will be integrated at a record pace.

  • LKPU Consultants: 5
  • Team: 150 people
  • Skills: Integration strategy, Negotiations, Operative part / project management
  • Vendors: 6

Contact Person

Abtin Maghrour, Munich
+49 (0)69 153225-10

Clarify, define, negotiate services and quickly reach to a specific contract – always with an eye on day-to-day business.

Do you measure the performance of your vendors? Have you made your vendors comparable? Do you know that every vendor does what is needed and bills accordingly? And do you still know why your vendor is your vendor – not someone else? Even though the services are very specific, our vendor management helps you get the performance you need at the best price at the lowest risk. Who doesn’t want that?

Choose quality – and increase it

  • Definition of Service flow and Vendors Selection Process
  • Contract review / creation (incl. SLA) with Augmented Consulting and FAST CONTRACT®
  • Coordination of issues for legal and tax advice
  • Is-analysis and optimization
  • Negotiations

Project “B2B marketplace for PVH”

A PVH purchasing and logistics group with about 1,500 members opens up e-commerce to its members via its own marketplace platform. Dealers, payment service providers, the purchasing and logistics group, the group’s own bank and suppliers complete complex contracts. LKPU is responsible for the creation of the project by coordinating legal advice, presentation of facts and economic quality assurance.

  • Duration : 20 months
  • LKPU Consultants: 5
  • Team: 15 people
  • Skills: Contract preparation, Cooperation with law firms for shipping commercial law, Payment service law, Antitrust law and IT
  • Vendors: 7 (including 3 law firms)

Contact Person

Abtin Maghrour, Munich
+49 (0)69 153225-10

Vendor Management

Those who know their skills and capacities, can control – not vice versa

You are expected to do wonders with a small team? And the next efficiency optimization is coming? We put you in a position to adequately plan and control. How? We use a structured entity relationship model (SERM) to give you full visibility into organizational structure and process organization and the risks associated with capacity. Including costs.

Get preprared – risk based!

  • Recording and processing of processes, roles and capabilities
  • Analysis & definition of target image with FIRM GROUND® – based on structured Entity Relationship Model (SERM)
  • Definition of implementation measures
  • Process continuous optimization

Project “Efficiency-based Risk Analysis Personnel”

Under continuing cost pressure, the management of a specialist bank must repeatedly realize cost-cuts. In order to still ensure the competitiveness, efficiency and well planned dismantling is set. In addition LKPU supplies a model with the assembly and disassembly organization linked and capacity can be controlled according to criticality. Conclusion: The dismantling is risk-based, not premature.

  • Duration: 3 months
  • LKPU Consultants: 1
  • Team: 2 people
  • Skills: Organizational structure, operational structure

Contact Person

Jan Koppetsch, Frankfurt
+49 (0)69 153225-10