Boredom - not with us

Consulting exists through and because of personality – but it’s also a team endeavour. This is what makes working at LKPU attractive.

Take the advantage of the offers and the flexibility to develop your personality and your strengths.

At LKPU you’ll have the opportunity to prove your talent, knowledge and creativity. We trust the uniqueness of our consultants and are convinced that you’ll find the best way for yourself. We will support you.


It’s time to leave the comfort zone

We are passionate management consultants.

At LKPU, you will explore different industries and areas of expertise, to understand them and to progressively evolve. Our consultants are encouraged to leave their professional comfort zone. Every year we learn something new – to evolve unique expertise, to understand a new industries, or a new language or even a new sport.

People working at LKPU have passion for life.

We create the freedom and the flexibility needed for our consultants so that they can develop and achieve their professional and personal goals.

Working with clients on site

At LKPU, you get the opportunity to meet the consultation. Our consultants support our clients on-site. They allow you to understand the challenges of large corporations, medium-sized companies or even start-ups that we advise from an operational level to the C-level.